Tailor-made Impact-driven Training & Workshop

Companies across industries require effective training and/or workshop to develop and enhance employees’ skills, expertise, capabilities and competencies for improving productivity, performance and efficacy. However, companies often complain that most trainings/workshops are ineffective in achieving objectives or in making real impact. Training/workshop materials are often theoretical (not proven to be effective in real business world yet) and training/workshop facilitators often do not have relevant and actual experiences in developing and implementing improvement programs/initiatives in strategy, management and business.

Through over ten years of consulting experiences and engagements with over 50 prominent corporations, Prosval is very much aware of the inefficacy of typical (ordinary) training and workshop. To successfully address training and workshop inefficacy, Prosval develops in-house training and workshop tailored to company specific needs/requirements and unique characteristics/situation with main focus and goal to deliver real and positive impact (impact-driven) to company not just completing a training and workshop. Through the impact-driven training and workshop, Prosval delivers the optimal combination of best practices and proven methodologies to solve company actual problems/issues and improve performance effectively. It can be considered as a condensed strategy, management and business consultancy project delivered through short training/workshop for maximum real impact/benefits.

Our Services in Tailor-made Impact-driven Training & Workshop include:

  • Strategic Wargaming
  • Corporate Strategic Planning
  • Strategy-led Transformation
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Strategy-driven Balanced Scorecard
  • Performance and Productivity Improvement
  • Various World Class Best Practices and Proven Methodologies on Strategy, Management and Business