strategy-led-transformationToday’s turbulent business environment presents unprecedented challenges to companies of all sizes in any industries. Companies must continuously change and adapt (transform) to effectively respond to the business turbulence to improve competitiveness and performance, boost business growth, optimize full potential as well as maximize shareholders value.

Company transformation is a popular topic and often talked about. It is easier said than done. Research shows that almost 85% company transformation programs fail primarily due to the lack of best practices and proven methodologies application/adoption in the development and implementation of transformation strategy, system and program. Companies must avoid “trial and error” as it is unwise and highly risky for company and shareholder.

This book describes “DRA” Transformation Model developed based on the universal fact/ truth inspired by “Newton’s Law of Motion”. It is enriched with the world class best practices and proven methodologies from the author’s 20 years consulting experience in strategy, management and business including six years with Booz Allen Hamilton, 10 years with Prosval Consulting and two years developing and implementing McKinsey & Company transformation program for one of the largest conglomerates in Indonesia.

To ensure practicability and efficacy, this book explains application/ implementation of “DRA” Transformation Model through transformation case studies of various prominent companies, including a global company (GE) and numerous prominent Indonesian companies, such as: Telkomsel, Sinar Mas Group, Pertamina, Garuda (where the author involved as a consultant) and PP, AP I, AP II (where the author led the transformation projects). In addition to the benefits for companies (business institutions), this book is also useful for transformation success of other institutions/units such as: non-profit organizations, NGOs (non-governmental organizations), government institutions, company’s units, groups/teams and individual.